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Horse Care

How To Fit A Horse Halter In 1-2-3 Steps!

Getting a horse halter fitted right is essential if you want to be able to lead your horse properly and you want to do so without causing injury to your horse. The halter goes over the neck and nose, and fitted incorrectly, it can cause soreness or even make your ...

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How Much Supplement Should You Add To Your Horse’s Feed?

  Are you asking, “Is it ok to give my horse supplement and how much”?  Horse supplements are a matter of great consideration. Of course, you want to make sure that your horse grows healthy and strong. But before you mindlessly administer supplements, shouldn’t you first consider whether your horse ...

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Horse Treats: What To Feed And How?

An integral part of owning a horse is training your horse. An untrained horse can be quite a tough pet to handle. And training horses isn’t all that difficult if you know how. One great element in horse training is praising and rewarding. Just as with any human being, horses ...

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The Best Horse Tack And Equipment On The Trail

  Trail rides can be quite tricky, even if your little boy or girl has already been broken in. What can make matters that much worse is if all the horse tack and equipment you are using isn’t just right, and is therefore causing discomfort to your horse. Because if ...

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