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Horse Care

Horse Deworming Basics For Every Horse Owner!

Horses are also susceptible to worms and parasite attacks. But you can keep your horse parasite free with regular horse deworming. There are several factors that play a major role in the deworming schedule. And you must work in close consultation with your horse’s veterinarian. The vet will be the ...

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Hoof Care Basics: Horse Hoof Trimming

Your horse’s hoof is like a much larger nail, and like your toenails and finger nails, it too needs to be trimmed. And if you don’t, it just becomes uncomfortable for your horse – and can even lead to splitting or chipping! Therefore, if your horse’s health and comfort are ...

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5 Hoof Care Basics That Every Horse Owner Should Know

                                         “No hoof, no horse!”- Arabic Saying Hoof care is essential since untended, untrimmed hooves can lead to poor balance, lameness, decrease in the horse’s stride, and in cases of long term neglect, permanent damage to the hoof structure. Some millions of years ago, horses evolved in semi-arid climates, ...

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Every Horse Owner’s COLIC FAQ Guide!

This is a colic FAQ for horse owners and breeders who are still quite new to the concept of colic in horses. The main problem with colic pain is that even a perfectly healthy horse can come down with colic pain. And what makes it worse is that your horse ...

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Dealing With Horse Hoof Thrush: Here’s How!

When it comes to dealing with horse hoof thrush, knowing how to do it is very important. Why? Because thrush in your horse’s hoof will mean that the hoof will stink pretty bad – and because of the spreading infection, your horse will also have considerable discomfort. Now, thrush is ...

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How Can I Get My Horse’s Yellow Tail Back To White?

Obsessing over the upcoming competition because your horse’s once white tail seems to be quite off color-wise (yellow or even GREEN)? The laziness – read lack of care for your horse’s tail – has come to bite you back now! Are you almost at your wit’s end? Well, stop worrying ...

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