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Dealing With Horse Hoof Thrush: Here’s How!

When it comes to dealing with horse hoof thrush, knowing how to do it is very important. Why? Because thrush in your horse’s hoof will mean that the hoof will stink pretty bad – and because of the spreading infection, your horse will also have considerable discomfort.

Now, thrush is a condition worsened by moisture and so when the weather goes rainy, or your horse has been walking over wet ground a lot, then thrush is likely to be common. It usually affects the region around and down the center of the frog on the horse’s hoof.

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To cure it, you need a good anti-bacterial option – something that you can apply over the affected areas to kill the infection. So let’s look at:

Identifying and dealing with thrush—

Thrush usually appears as a black tarry residue appearing on the affected areas of the hoof. Once you’ve identified it, you need to pick the hoof clear of any loose dirt and debris and then you need to apply your ointment or cure.

In fact, here’s a video that shows you how to do it:

Of the two products you just saw in the video, one is very easily available. And that is the Thrush Buster ointment.
As the manufacturers say, it ‘stomps out thrush’ once you apply it. So this will be very helpful in clearing out any infection of thrush. Also, once applied, you needn’t reapply for another 8 days. In case the infection hasn’t already cleared out – you may need to apply once again. But otherwise, just a single application should do.

And as was mentioned in the video, the ointment being tinted, you can actually keep track of where you are applying it.

And you needn’t just believe us – here’s what other reviewers on Amazon have to say:

 Highly recommend this product

“It does it’s job and does it well. My horse had severe and I mean severe thrush when I bought him….
The… farrier recommended this product and I have been applying it twice a week for 6 weeks. He was amazed with the improvement in my horses feet. I paint it on with a small makeup/paint brush and that really makes a difference. I also scrub all the dirt off his hooves with my hoof brush and water before I apply the thrush buster.

Now I am back to once a week.”

-S. King
Verified Purchase

 Cured my horse

“This stuff cured the bad case of thrush that my horse picked up. The bottle might look small for the price, but a little bit of the liquid goes a long way, and in the end, it definitely works. I squirt some into my horse’s picked hoof and then use an old makeup brush (I used to use a paint brush) to spread it around.”

Verified Purchase

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it stains your clothes pretty bad – so wear overalls and make sure it doesn’t get on your clothes.


But It Still Works!

But otherwise, as for dealing with horse hoof thrush, this product and the method you just saw are going to truly do their job well!

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