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Horse Grooming Tips: How To Get Mats Out Of A Horse’s Tail?

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“How to get mats out of a horse’s tail?”

This is a query every horse owner has faced at some point or the other…especially after the horse in question has had a ‘field day’.

What you need is not all that difficult to find –

  • A wide toothed comb
  • Detangling serum

Both of these are available aplenty in shops as well as online, but why settle for just a simple detangling serum when you have  a choice?

So here’s your chance to pamper your beloved horse with not just one but two detangling solutions that will help him flaunt a beautiful mat-free tail.

But first, to get the technique of getting rid of mats down pat…here are 3 simple steps to get your horse to sport a mat-free long and healthy tail.

3 Simple Steps For A Gorgeous Tail:

Step 1

Heat some coconut oil; make sure you have enough to cover the entire length of the tail. Pour out oil onto your palms, rub them together and then work it into your horse’s tail. This will get the hair to get a deep conditioning treatment and simultaneously loosen the dirt from the hair shaft.

Step 2

You can bypass this step, depending on the amount of dirt the tail hair has accumulated. But it is always a good idea to wash the tail, especially if you want your horse’s tail to grow luscious and strong. So take some shampoo and work it into the tail – you can divide the tail hair into sections to work the shampoo into the hair. Rinse and repeat if need be, but make sure to get rid of the dirt. It is the ‘dirt’ that leads to tangles and a matted tail.

Step 3

Now apply some detangling solution and work it into the tail – the hot oil treatment and shampoo should make the hair shaft quite smooth and easy to handle. The detangling serum will make the hair even smoother so you can use the detangling brush or wide toothed comb to get the mats out. Work from the tip of the tail to the roots. Brush one section at a time and don’t worry if you find dead hair on the comb.

At the end of the detangling process you might find the tail having three distinct sections:

  • The short ratty part across the dock
  • A full growth under the dock
  • A long thin trail hanging down to the heels

Cut off the thin trail to add body to the remaining part of the tail – this will also promote the growth of a thick, glossy tail.

Now for the detangling serum – remember we said we will give you two products to pamper your horse with? One is a detangling solution for the toughest of mats and the other takes detangling one step further.

Here is a brand that has wooed horse lovers all around and is a household name for them – the Straight Arrow Mane N Tail Equine Detangler Spray for Horse, 1-Pint.

Instead of telling you about the goodness of this detangling spray from the reputed house of Mane n’ Tail, we will allow the video to do the honors:

With 5 out of 5 stars at Amazon, this detangling solution is definitely a winner. You could bag your own Mane n’ Tail Detangler while stocks last or miss your chance.

Now for the next detangling solution that does more than just helps you get the mats out of a horse’s tail…

Apart from getting rid of the matting in your horse’s tail, this detangler also:

  • Gets rid of the tangles super-fast…courtesy of the specialized silicon serum formula.
  • Adds volume and shine to the hair shaft – and allows you to flaunt your horse’s magnificent tail.
  • Makes the tail manageable without drying it out or damaging the hair follicles. Most chemical formulae available in the market and sold as detangling serum cause more harm to the hair shaft than help it.
  • Leaves the tail as well as the mane naturally healthy and shiny.
  • And it smells really good, unlike most detangling solutions populating the market.

This product also bags 5 out of 5 stars at Amazon and once you order your own bottle of Vetrolin 12OZ Detangler, it will get shipped within 2-3 days.

So no more asking yourself: “how to get mats out of a horse’s tail?”

Instead, bond with your horse on the fields and watch him canter around with his magnificent tail complementing his beautiful coat.

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