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Horse Grooming Tips: How To Train Mane To Go On One Side?

Nobody wants their horse to have a mane that parts down the center and falls on one side or even stay put but on the wrong side! While in horses meant for other purposes this is still acceptable, but for an upcoming show /competition it is a complete no-no.

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Yes, unfortunately horses do have bad hair days, or should we say bad-hair-times! And to make the mane fall back in place and look neat, you need to find out how to train mane to go on one side.

How do you train the mane?

The correct side, if you don’t already know that, is the off side or right side of the horse. When the mane doesn’t do this, here are the steps that you need to take:

  1. Comb the entire mane to the desired side, and comb out any tangles.
  2. Use a bottle spray or wet sponge to dampen it.
  3. Take 1-2 inch sections and braid it and use elastic fasteners to secure the ends.
  4. What you basically want is the weight of the braid to keep it on the particular side.
  5. You need to keep the mane braided for a week or two – depending on how long it takes to train the mane.

However, don’t think for a moment that this is going to be easy for your horse. Too tight or prolonged braiding isn’t good for the mane. And besides, keeping the braids in for too long will just make it uncomfortable for your horse.

There is however, a better and a somewhat more comfortable solution. And that is to use the Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses Solid Stretch Hood.

mane sleepwear
What this basically does is keep the hair contained inside, coaxing it to stay on one side naturally. Braiding may still be necessary, but on the bright side – you could make looser, more comfortable braids – and the stretch hood would keep them in place.

Of course there is another big plus to this hood – at night your horse could actually shift his mane around a bit – especially if you have a youngish horse. With this hood, even at night the mane stays to one side because the braids cannot flop around!

Now let’s take a look at the other things that make this the No. 1 comfortable-grooming choice for your horse:

  • It’s quite durable, so your horse can still rub his head against surfaces without hurting either the hood or himself.
  • The noseband is fleece-lined and pretty wide which means your horse will have no trouble breathing.
  • Large seamless holes in the fabric for ears and eyes.
  • Seamless eye holes means that there is no chance of your horse getting scratched around the eyes from the stitches.
  • And finally the Velcro is good and the Amazon ships it real fast (these are actually great for you and not your horse)

So, wait no more. Get what’s best for your horse so he is show-ready without you having to do much about it… and all that with Amazon’s superior guarantee!

 So, horse sleepwear

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