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How To Neatly Bang Your Horse’s Tail – And Show Him Off!

In case you’re wondering how to neatly bang your horse’s tail…it is not just about cutting it off at the bottom. The cut should be blunt, and should be proportionate to your horse’s full height. Also, not all horses look good with bangs – Arabians and Welsh Ponies and cobs look best with their natural tails intact and groomed.

So first you need to know if bangs will look good on your horse and only then can you go ahead with ‘banging’ your horse’s tail.

 Photo Credit: tanakawho via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: tanakawho via Compfight cc

Bangs are typically for those horses which participate in dressings and events. And then too, bangs can vary in length –

  • It could from the fetlock joint to just the bottom of the hock.
  • It could be just a few inches off the ground.

So what will you need to bang your horse’s tail?

  • A mane comb to comb through the hair and get rid of the tangles so you have a tangle free length to work with.
  • Sharp shears or scissors.
  • An assistant to hold the tail so you can cut through.
Photo Credit: vtengr4047 via Compfight cc

Now for the steps of banging your horse’s tail:

  1. Brush the tail thoroughly but don’t be tempted to use detangler sprays; they will make the hair sleek but also difficult to cut in a straight line.
  2. Have your assistant hold up the horse’s tail at the height where it usually holds its tail while in motion.
  3. Hold the bottom part of the tail and use a clipper to ensure it stays tight and in place when you use the scissors.
  4. Now cut across the tail end in a straight line.

These are the steps to ensure that you bang your horse’s tail neatly. Plus, be sure to get your horse used to grooming beforehand – it is easy if your horse is calm and already used to standing still for his grooming sessions with you.

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