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Tangle Free – A Detangler Brush For Every Horse Owner!

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A detangler brush is essential every time you try and get the mats out of your horse’s mane and tail. It is natural for a horse’s tail and mane to get tangled every time he has been outside his stables, but it is a problem. One which has only one solution:

A quality detangling brush.

But even with such a brush you might end up hurting your horse when trying to get the tangles out. So we will give you a solution for that as well.

Still, before you get down to the actual detangling, you must understand why a detangling brush and a detangling serum are indispensable in your grooming kit.

What happens to your horse without detangling solutions:

  • His mane and tail remain perpetually tangled, marring his otherwise groomed appearance.
  • His mane and tail refuse to grow because it is not getting the needed care.
  • The mane and tail is less than healthy; with burrs and tangles there is always the risk of skin infection.

 Now the trick to detangling your horse’s mane and tail is patience. As long as you have that, we can help you with the rest.

Detangling tricks every horse owner should know:

  • Spray your palms with a detangling serum, and apply it on the horse’s mane and tail – start from the tips and work your way towards the roots.
  • Once you work in the serum, it loosens the dirt particles and burrs and allows you to get the tangles out.
  • Next is to run the detangling brush through the hair follicles – start from the tips and work your way upwards.

But remember to always use a detangler brush that is capable of managing the tangles without hurting your horse. If the root shafts get damaged while detangling, you might end up with a near bald horse.

Solution – a detangling brush that is right for a horse with long mane and tail.

Get your horse the best in detangling brushes

Horse & Dogs & Cats Detangler Brush for Long Tail Mane Comb Purple
Get him Horse & Dogs & Cats Detangler Brush for Long Tail Mane Comb Purple

Why is this brush the best choice?

  • The innovative comb is uniquely flexible to an extent where your horse will not even feel the pull as you work on the tangles. So no matter how tangled and burr covered he gets his mane and tail, you can rest assured you will get it all out without hurting him or damaging the hair follicles.
  • The comb is specifically meant for horses, and other long haired pets.
  • At about 22.5 centimeters long, this detangling brush can fit into your pocket as you ride your horse out of the stables. You can detangle his hair whenever and wherever you choose; it is just a matter of a detangling solution and the brush.

And now for a few affirmations from customers who have already given this product a try – learn what they have to say about this detangling brush… and it might stir you into buying this product without delay.

 Horse people take note of this A+ product!

“Okay, everyone in horse land knows how hard it is to find a tail comb that can stand up to burrs, wind spirals, and just general pasture time without the teeth of the comb snapping off in the tail. THIS IS THE COMB!! … This is worth the money and… it has detangled several manes and tails of varying difficulties without losing even one tooth or flex-arm. I wish I knew who made these! A+ product! Just goes to show you should take a chance every once in a while on something new. This comb also gets no special treatment at my place; it is not in a climate controlled environment and often goes through the weather extremes in my trailer with no adverse reaction to the strength of the comb materials. Highly recommended to my fellow equine enthusiasts!”

– K. Dibble

Amazon Verified Purchase

Also, thCharmar Land and Cattle Cowboy Magicis detangling brush works great when complemented with the right detangling solution!

And here is a detangling solution that will work best – the…

Charmar Land and Cattle Cowboy Magic Shine Detangler for Horses, 1-Pint

  • Non oily formula keeps dirt, dust and sand away
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol/water – so it doesn’t dry the hair
  • It has UV protection

Coming back to detangling your horse’s mane and tail, always be gentle. Just as you don’t like the pain of detangling the knots in your hair, your horse doesn’t find it too comforting to get his hair pulled on every time you try to detangle it.

Horse & Dogs & Cats Detangler Brush for Long Tail Mane Comb PurpleTo detangle your horse’s mane and tail, you need:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Patience and care


Horse & Dogs & Cats Detangler Brush for Long Tail Mane Comb Purple

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Tangle Free – A Detangler Brush For Every Horse Owner!
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