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The All Rounder Horse Boots For Your All Rounder Horse!

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for HorsesJust as you need shoes to protect your feet, your horse needs horse boots to keep his hooves safe and protected when he is out on a rocky trail. And just as you feel discomfort with tight or loose shoes, your horse might also feel uncomfortable in his ‘shoes’ – but unlike you, he cannot speak his woes aloud.

So, it is up to you to get him boots that fit – and only the best in the market would do for the best horses in your stable.

And here we get you a hoof boot that is snug in fit, and protects your horse’s hooves from everything that might hurt him when you take him out.

After all, your horse depends on you!

Give your horse the best in hoof care with Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black

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The idea is to protect your horse from pebbles, grit, etc. that you might come across on any trail. And the Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black does just that – without you having to worry about a bad fit, the Velcro adjusts according to your horse’s hoof. And if you’re worried it will get loose along the way, get pastern wraps to secure the boots.

But this is not all that works in favor of this particular horse boot.

  • It is simple to measure the size of the boots, it is simple to put them on and they stay ON, no matter what the terrain is like!
  • Your horse can wear this pair even when he is recovering from injuries, abscesses, punctures, sole bruising, navicular disease, laminitis/founder and contracted heels.
  • And if your horse is in perfect health, he would all the more enjoy the shock absorber benefit this boot allows. And it protects the hooves from heat as well.
  • No matter how bad the road, or how heavy the rider, once shod with these horse boots, your horse will never complain.

But we understand if you need a little more proof before you get a pair of Cavallo hoof boots for your pet…so here is an account from those who have been using this product for their horses for a while now…and most of them have bought the product more than once. We can get you just a few snippets, but you will find a lot more at Amazon where customers are all praises.

 I love these Boots!

“No more lameness, no more reluctance to go on the trails. Easy to put on and take off. Super secure. I never had one come loose or slip. Heavy duty and made to last. Great traction. Can’t say enough good things. Check their website for fitting info – you need to have the right size.”

– Karen E. Koch “ditzychick”

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 These are the best Boots!

“These boots have been amazing. Easy to put on, easy to take off, do not rotate, and get a great snug fit. I recently have pulled shoes off two of my horses who have poor hoof walls, thin soles and easily lose shoes. These boots have been wonderful~ my horses stay comfortable while their feet grow out. Amazon has the best price around- I did add the gel liner and am happy with that as well- I feel the extra cushion is beneficial. It has been very cold here, with hard rutted ground and my horses are staying sound. It did warm up a few days ago, and the horses were walking in mud- so I took the boots off. Completely amazed that there was no mud on their hooves. These boots really keep out the mud and debris, yet they have draining areas so their feet never stay “soaking” if it were to rain. These boots are one of my best purchases- and have held up well.”

– Kimberly DeYoung
Amazon Verified Purchase

Your horse is your responsibility, and he depends on you for everything…so it is only natural to want the best for him. And when it comes to horse boots, nothing works better than the Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses, Black!

So what are you waiting for, grab your own pair before you take your horse on a ride!

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The All Rounder Horse Boots For Your All Rounder Horse!
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