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Why Would Your Horse Need Horse Clippers?

You get to wear warm clothes to keep warm in winter. For horses, their coats grow in winter to protect them from the harsh cold and the wet weather. But what keeps him naturally warm in winter causes him to perspire unhealthily in warmer temperatures. Hence, you need to clip ...

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Why And When Does Your Horse Need Horse Hoof Oil?

By nature, horse’s hooves are meant to be dry and hard. Given that they were originally inhabitants of dry and arid regions, this is quite natural. However, sometimes the hooves become excessively dry and tend to crack. That is when you need horse hoof oil to protect the hooves and ...

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What Kind Of Western/trail Saddle Should I Buy?

When you get a horse, and then start looking out for the right equipment, one of the main questions that you are sure to be asking is “What kind of western/trail saddle should I buy?” and quite rightly so. A saddle will be responsible for the comfort of both you ...

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