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Are You Meeting All The Basics Of Horse Mane And Tail Care?


Your stallion’s general upkeep, especially his mane and tail care is on you – so it is up to you to ensure that his tail and mane remains free of loose dirt particles and snarls. In fact, basic tail and mane care begins with brushing out the foreign particles as well as the tangles. As for additional grooming, that depends on your purpose for owning a horse – a show horse is groomed in a certain manner and a horse for hunt seat competitions has his own specific look.

So basically you have a lot of factors to consider when you take up grooming the tail and mane – let’s take stock of one aspect at a time.

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Point #1: Detangler Brush

When you detangle your hair, you comb down slowly so that the hair doesn’t pull at the roots. Extend the same gentle treatment towards your horse. Use a detangler brush. It helps separate each of the strands so that by the time you reach the end of the tail and mane there’s no chance of hurting the root follicles. The point is to look for a detangler brush that suits both your stallion and your pocket.

Point #2: Mane and Tail Shampoo

What do you do when you have dry and brittle hair? You use a good shampoo and conditioner. Extend the same courtesy to your boy. A horse looks well groomed when he has healthy and luxurious mane and tail. He will never look good if he has brittle and coarse mane. So look up good shampoo and conditioner options that suit the texture of the hair and follow it up with regular brushing.

Point #3: How To Grow A Mane Fast?

The sooner your stallion grows a mane, the sooner you can try your hand at different ‘hair-do’s’ for him. Only when you have something to style and groom can you choose a look to suit the breed. And just like human hair, the growth rate of a horse’s hair also varies from horse to horse. But you can help along the way by providing stimulus for hair growth like coconut oil. You should also:

  • Minimize the amount of combing and brushing
  • Stop your horse from rubbing against a tree, fence – anything that will irritate the skin.
  • Make sure the skin of the horse is well rinsed and clean.
  • Use a leave-on conditioner.
 Photo Credit: tanakawho via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: tanakawho via Compfight cc

Point #4: How To Train The Mane To Go On One Side

If you’re just going to pleasure ride your horse/pony, the side on which the mane lies doesn’t factor all that much. But considering that his ‘handedness’ is reflected by the way in which his mane lies at the withers, you might want to ensure the mane grows on the correct side. What you need then is an extensive grooming session complete with detanglers, braids and weeklong care. But in the end, the side on which the mane lies matters.

Point #5: How To Get Mats Out Of A Horse’s Tail?

A horse will get a lot of mats in his hair if there’s any neglect in grooming. But even with regular grooming, at any point of time your stallion is likely to have mats and snarls in his hair that ruins his good looks. And so regular brushing is just the beginning – you might need detangle sprays, solutions and a gentle hand to get rid of all the tangles without hurting your horse.

Point #6: How To Get Burrs Out Of A Horse’s Mane?

There’s very little you can do to stop burr seeds from sticking to your boy’s mane and tail. But getting them out is another matter – you need time and determination to get all of the burrs out. It is not an easy task, but leaving the burrs in his mane makes your horse look a sorry sight. So ensure that you know how to get rid of them. And don’t attack too aggressively as you can hurt your equine friend in the process.

Point #7: How Can I Get My Horse’s Yellow Tail Back To White?

Over time your horse’s beautiful white tail can sport a disheartening shade of yellow.  It is up to you to get it back to its original pristine white and doing a spot of online research can help you get the right product for the purpose. So look up such products to be able to flaunt a beautiful beast to your friends and neighbors.

Now that you are up-to-date with the fundamentals of mane and tail care, it is up to you to ensure that you do well with your equine friend’s upkeep. As part of your family you can’t let him go about with an unkempt look – and while you take care of your horse, you also strengthen the bond you share.


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